Erotic massage is another way of saying that the
massage will include sexual contact.

Don’t expect to get a erotic massage
from a massage therapists

Massage therapists are trained in therapeutic
Which is based on traditional massage techniques.

It is a breach of spa massage etiquette
to ask for sex as part of a therapeutic

If you do, the massage therapist will explain that is
not the purpose of this massage and continue

If you persist, they will end the massage.
And you have to pay for the session in full.

There are some men usually ask for sex in an
indirect fashion by directing them "work higher".
When they get to their thighs or "work lower"
when they massage their chest.

They also ask the therapist to remove the sheet or
ask if the therapist does "extras."

None of this is appropriate --

Please don't look for us if you are
looking for erotic massage.
What Is Erotic Massage In Singapore?